MLB Handicapping April 19

We’re in a fuck lately and that blows. Let’s shake it off and get it going today!

Loose Method:
Pittsburgh +116 Loss
Chicago Cubs -201 Win
New York Mets -130 Win
Atlanta +106 Loss
Arizona -117 Loss
Colorado +230 Loss
Texas +104 Loss
Boston -109 Loss
Chicago White Sox: +205 Loss
Detroit +157 Loss
Houston -185 Win
Minnesota +133 PPD
Cincinnati -102 Loss


$50 Base Bet: -$359.64



MLB Handicapping April 17

Tough Easter Sunday, but our first full week of going wasn’t too shabby. A 50 dollar player would have made $233.79.

Let’s get right into it.
Loose Method:
Pittsburgh +122 Loss
San Diego +151 Loss
Chicago White Sox: +143 Loss
Minnesota: +135 Loss
Texas: +121 Win


$50 Base Bet:-$139

Tight Method:
Pittsburgh: +122 Loss
San Diego: +151 Loss

$50 Base Bet: -$100

MLB Handicapping April 16

Not quite a banner day here, but any day you walk away from up is a win and the loose method turned just over a half unit for a base bet. Unfortunately, the tight method did not. Let’s have a good Easter!

Loose Method:
Miami +112 Win
Philadelphia +159 Loss
Atlanta -128 Win
Chicago Cubs -165 Loss
San Francisco -130 Loss
Toronto -110 Loss
KC +103 Win
Tampa Bay +150 Loss
Houston -105 PPD
Minnesota -127 Loss


$50 Base Bet: $-153.44

Tight Method:
Philadelphia +159 Loss
Toronto -110 Loss
Houston -105 PPD 


$50 Base Bet -$100

NBA Picks April 15


Unfortunately, there really aren’t any good looking picks here in the first day of NBA playoffs.

Gun to my head and I had to make picks I’d go with LA Clippers -5.5, but that’s not a pick I’m going to be playing.

MLB Handicapping April 15

The loose method did pretty well again, but the tight method is struggling. It’s still too early declare either system a success or failure.

Loose Method:
Miami +130 Win
Washington -148 Loss
Cincinnati -110 Win
Pittsburgh +240 Win
San Francisco -125 Loss
Detroit +140 Loss
Atlanta -105 Win
Baltimore +138 Loss
Tampa Bay +195 Loss
Oakland +140 Loss 
New York Yankees -104 Win


$50 base bet: $26.62

Tight Method:
Washington -148 Loss
Detroit +140 Loss


$50 base bet: -$100

MLB Handicapping April 14

Hardly a stellar night last night. The loose method just squeaked by with a profit, but the tight method was lambasted. Let’s start this Easter weekend off! There’s a lot of chalk today, almost a troubling amount.

Loose Method:
Chicago -178 Loss
Miami +151 Win
Washington -187 Win
Atlanta -137 Win 
Cincinnati -118 Loss
Arizona +235 Loss
San Francisco -133 Win
Detroit +156 Win
LA Angels +117 Loss
Houston -126 Win


$50 base bet: $92.91

Tight Method:
Chicago -178 Loss
Washington -187 Win
Cincinnati -118 Loss
Detroit +156 Win


$50 base bet: $4.73

I am not going to use 5dimes anymore


If you hang out in sports betting message boards you’re used to seeing a horror story or two. People claiming they get screwed by a sportsbook on a message board happens. Yet, there are more and more posts coming that show there might serious problems at 5dimes.
These accusations range from fraudulent credit card charges for the lucky ones. To at least one poor bastard that had to deal with actual identity theft.
Unfortunately it’s time for me to throw my hat into that ring.
My first issue occurred last year. I used a Visa debit card to fund 5dimes. The following week my bank contacted me to say they detected strange activity on my card. Someone in Europe was attempting an Uber charge. The bank blocked the charge and I didn’t lose any money.
At the time I considered myself lucky. This was the first time I had ever had a card compromised and I do a lot of online shopping.
A few months later it happened again. If you follow the MLB picks you know my loose picks need a sizable bankroll. This time I used my credit card to fund 5dimes. Much to my relief, my credit card went through without any issues.
A few days later my credit card company called me. Once again someone was attempting to use my card to fund an Uber in Europe.
Again they were able to prevent the scammers from getting any money.
Yogi Berra once said, “that’s too coincidental to be a coincidence.” That’s exactly how I felt with these two transactions and their proximity to 5dimes.
Others have accused 5dimes of being willing participants in fraudulent behavior. I can’t go that far. This could be as simple as updating the security on the site and internally with their employees. This might be naive on my part, but that’s how I’m approaching it.
This is not a call for anyone to boycott 5dimes. I am telling you that I’ve lost faith in their ability to protect any sensitive information. That means, until they enact some changes, I’ll never be able to withdraw those funds.
This is a call to make sure you do as much research as you can before you pull the trigger on any online sportsbook. Read the board and ask questions.
With that said, the folks over at SBR and their silence on these accusations is troubling. The perfect rating they’ve given 5dimes needs reassessment. At best, the silence on their part indicates they are too incompetent to provide the very service they claim to provide. At worst, well…

Other horror stories:

And a very troubling message:

MLB Handicapping April 13

Not bad at all last night. The loose betting style went 8-3, while the tighter method 2-2. So both methods turned a profit.

Loose Method:
New York Mets: +127 Win
LA Dodgers: +110 Loss
Cincinnati: +102 Loss 
Chicago White Sox: +173 Win
LA Angels: +111 Loss
Baltimore: +109 Win
Oakland: +117 Loss


$50 base bet: $4.50

Tight Method:
New York Mets: +127 Win
LA Dodgers: +110 Loss
LA Angles: +111 Loss
Oakland: +117 Loss


$50 base bet: -$86.5


MLB Handicapping April 12

Not a great night last night at all! We press on.

I’ve included two different styles of plays. The loose betting style is a much, much more risky and action oriented style. The tighter betting style is trying to minimize the risk while, hopefully, not sacrificing reward.

Loose betting style:
San Diego +150 Win
Cincinnati +160 Win
NYM +101  Win
Miami -110  Loss
Chicago Cubs -138 Loss
Detroit -133 Win
Chicago White Sox +225 Win
Boston -130 Loss
Oakland +101 Win
Texas +128 Win
Milwaukee +205 Win


$50 dollar base bet: $422.60


Tighter betting style:
Texas +128 Win
Oakland +101 Win
Boston -130 Loss
Chicago Cubs -138 Loss


$50 dollar base bet: $14.50