NCAA Tournament Picks April 1

Let’s throw good money after bad!


Gonzaga -6.5 Loss



NCAA Tournament Picks March 25

1-0-1 last night. We’ll take what we can get even if it’s only marginally profitable!

I don’t care what the numbers say we’re instituting a new rule: Thou Shalt Not Bet Against Kansas. Numbers be damned Kansas is completely and totally on fire.

Kansas -7

The Xavier/Gonzaga line keeps creeping up and up. Gonzaga was a soft pick, but we may have to see where it lands before tip off.

NCAA Tournament Picks March 19

3-3 is an improvement I guess, but it’s still nothing to write home about.  I’ve been basically using my NBA model and slid it right over to the tournament and it’s clearly not working as well. This whole experience will help to generate some applicable modifiers though! So we press on:
Louisville -3.5 Loss
Kentucky -3.5 Loss
Baylor -6 Loss 
Duke -6.5 Loss