NBA Picks Feb 9

The line moved back to the bare minimum for Charlotte. Here are the official picks:

Lock these in:
Charlotte +3.5 Loss
Cleveland +11.5 Win

Charlotte +3.5 Loss 
Dallas +3.5 Win
Cleveland +3.5 Win


Afternoon update:
Charlotte dropped off totally which is not at all what I expected. It went from +4 to +3 with 95% of the public backing Houston.  Which would say to me there’s some sharp money taking Charlotte. And while that’s interesting, neither Melvin nor myself can take Charlotte +3.

The only pick of the day so far  is Cleveland +11, which is moving in the direction we want. Official picks coming soon!

Morning update:
Looking at Sportsbook Spy, you are going to want to hold on both of these for now. The public is backing chalk in both of these games heavily and the line might move more in the direction we want.
Early lines are in:
Charlotte +4
Cleveland +9.5

Last night Arch went 4-0 and Melvin went 4-1.

Arch: 69-45-4
Melvin: 59-48-2


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